BVE Western Region Presents

The Waterloo & City Line

The current release (version 1.0) of our Waterloo and City line for BVE is now available for download. Future releases will also be uploaded here.

A Little Route That's

Short & Sweet.

This version features:
  • Version 1 of the class 482 (1992 stock)
  • A unique opportunity to work ‘shifts’ with each diagram offering the potential to drive up to four round trips
  • Two authentic ‘driving modes’ within the train including: Restricted Manual and Full Speed Manual
  • A beta version of our in-cab CCTV

The Waterloo and City line is unique on the London Underground network in that it only serves two stations. Due to the short length of the line, we did something that is rare in the BVE world: return journeys! Most ‘turns’ start at Waterloo and include up to 4 return journeys between Waterloo and Bank, giving you a chance experience a real ‘shift’ just as actual drivers do. Our route is set in the mid 2000s before the complete refurbishment of the trains and line. During this period the trains still sported the distinctive ‘Network SouthEast’ livery left over from the privatisation of British Rail in 1994.

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.

Shift Work

Drive like a pro

As this features a return journey you can drive 4 round trips in a row, which is exactly what the real drivers do every day! Or if you prefer just go there and back again...


In Cab

Authentic images and behaviour allow you to experience the real feel of in cab CCTV. While we have updated this on other routes it's still better than sticking your head out of the window!

Driving Modes

2 Different modes

Features Restricted Manual and Full Speed Manual modes which allows you to both perform shunting manoeuvres and drive as normal. As this line was never re-signalled you can enjoy the old fashioned drive. 

Class 482

1992 Stock

Sporting the Network South East livery, this train model is beautifully and lovingly recreated for OpenBVE. The smaller brother of the 1992 Stock (of Central Line fame) this train has all the usual bells and whistles. Literally. 

our speciality


Enjoy a return journey

A short but sweet line

With such a short line it made sense to add the mythical return journey. Now you can drive shifts, just like the real route.


Selected Videos.

Download it here.

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this. Ensure you have the latest version of OpenBVE installed before downloading this.
Before driving the train please read the driving guide. 
This train has been designed to be driven like the real thing, so it is important to familiarise yourself with how to drive in each mode.

Driving Guide

Full of essential information on how to set up and drive the train and route

Route File

The file which contains the route and all the scenery but not the Class 482 (1992 stock).

Please note this route can only be driven by BVE Western Region’s Class 482 (1992 Stock)

Train File

The file which gives you the Class 482 (1992 stock) but does not contain any scenery or the route.

Please note this train only works on BVE Western Region’s Waterloo & City Line

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