The current release (phase 2) of our Jubilee line for OpenBVE is now available for download. Future releases will also be uploaded here.
This version features:
  • Version 1.1 of the 1996 stock
  • An accurate recreation of the traditional signalling in use at the time
  • Two authentic ‘driving modes’ within the train including: Restricted Manual and Full Speed Manual
  • Fully functional platform edge doors with sound
  • A beta version of our in-cab CCTV

Set in 1999 just before the full opening of the Jubilee line extension. During this time trains ran between Stratford and Waterloo. Southwark was not ready for opening when this ‘preview’ service was launched, and we have recreated this faithfully. The distinctive architecture of this line has been lovingly modelled and includes the iconic platform edge doors (PEDs).

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.
ATO is not included in this route as it was not in use during this time period. If you would prefer an ATO experience, please see our Central Line.

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Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.
Ensure you have the latest version of OpenBVE installed before downloading this.

Before driving the train please read the driving guide. This train has been designed to be driven like the real thing, so it is important to familiarise yourselves with how to drive in each mode.