BVE Western Region Presents

The Jubilee Line

The current release (phase 3) of our Jubilee line for OpenBVE is now available for download. Future releases will also be uploaded here.

PEDs looking PED like

The arrival of the much awaited

Phase 3.

This version features:


  • Version 2.1 of the 1996 stock
  • An accurate recreation of the traditional signalling in use at the time
  • Fully functional Train Management System (TMS) – the only one of it’s kind in BVE (that we know of)
  • Also includes 2 playable passenger services – start at either Stratford or North Greenwich
  • Empty stock run starting at Charing Cross including an early prototype of following a preceding service


Set in late 1999 just after the full opening of the Jubilee line extension. While in real life a full service was now running to Stanmore, our version runs from Stratford to West Hampstead due to time constraints on development. Westminster was not ready for opening when the extension was opened, and we have recreated this faithfully. The distinctive architecture of this line has been lovingly modelled and includes the iconic platform edge doors (PEDs).

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.
ATO is not included in this route as it was not in use during this time period. If you would prefer an ATO experience, please see our Central Line.

Platform Edge Doors

Fully Interlocking

Our platform edge doors are fully interlocking so when you pull up to them they'll open when you open the doors. Pretty cool, huh?


In Cab

Watch out for those pesky passengers with the in cab CCTV. Boasting a high level of realism it even flickers as it turns off. Pretty impressive stuff if we do say so ourselves.

Highly Detailed

Authentic Model

The 1996 stock is one of our most detailed tube train models yet. Carefully researched and tirelessly photographed it's as close as we can produce to the real thing.


Fully Working

The fully functional TMS on this train takes you to a new level of detail. Set off announcements, set your destination and even your crew number. You can also see what the virtual driver before you got up to!

1996 Stock Train


New With Phase 3



Newly Upgraded

Our announcements are some of the first in BVE to be put together on the fly. They're so good we even made sure you can hear them in the carriage! None of that modern rubbish here either, these are the OG announcements.

Improved TMS

New Features

Now boasting even more features and enhanced reliability. Plus you can move both up AND down. Don't say we never do anything for you!

Driving Modes

2 Different modes

Drive with either Restricted Manual (very good for putting the train away into a siding) or Full Speed Manual. Enjoy the days when you drove yourself without a pesky robot getting it the way!

Animated TBC

Traction Brake Controller

The first of its kind (to our knowledge) you can now just look down and see if you're out of stow. Yes, that's right our handle moves and we don't care who knows it!

Set in 1999

An extension for an old favourite

1999, the Millennium was upon us and we were brushing off our tinfoil hats ready for Y2K. Also the extension to the Jubilee Line was finally finished and opened for business. Enjoy a simpler time when your TV was for watching things and your phone weighed 10lbs.


Selected Videos.

Download it here.

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this. Ensure you have the latest version of OpenBVE installed before downloading this.
Before driving the train please read the driving guide.
This train has been designed to be driven like the real thing, so it is important to familiarise yourselves with how to drive in each mode.

Driving Guide

Full of essential information on how to set up and drive the train and route

Route File

The file which contains the route and all the scenery but not the 1996 Stock.

Please note this route can only be driven by BVE Western Region’s 1996 Stock

Train File

The file which gives you the 1996 Stock but does not contain any scenery or the route.

Please note this train only works on BVE Western Region’s Jubilee Line
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