The current release (phase 3) of our Jubilee line for OpenBVE is now available for download. Future releases will also be uploaded here.
This version features:
  • Version 2.1 of the 1996 stock
  • An accurate recreation of the traditional signalling in use at the time
  • Fully functional Train Management System (TMS) – the only one of it’s kind in BVE (that we know of)
  • Also includes 2 playable passenger services – start at either Stratford or North Greenwich
  • Empty stock run starting at Charing Cross including an early prototype of following a preceeding service

Set in late 1999 just after the full opening of the Jubilee line extension. While in real life a full service was now running to Stanmore, our version runs from Stratford to West Hampstead due to time constraints on development. Westminster was not ready for opening when the extension was opened, and we have recreated this faithfully. The distinctive architecture of this line has been lovingly modelled and includes the iconic platform edge doors (PEDs).

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.
ATO is not included in this route as it was not in use during this time period. If you would prefer an ATO experience, please see our Central Line.

1996 Stock Train Features

  • Highly detailed driving cab with functioning controls and buttons
  • Fully functioning Platform Edge Door (PED) interlocking
  • Unique fully working Train Management System (TMS)
  • Selectable driving modes with animated switch
  • Two authentic ‘driving modes’ within the train including: Restricted Manual and Full Speed Manual
  • Recreation of the automatic announcing system
  • Working cab lighting
  • Authentic driving and atmospheric sounds
  • High quality passenger saloons with animated dot matrix displays
Updated in Phase 3 release:
  • Working in-cab CCTV
  • Animated Traction Brake Controller (TBC)
  • Upgraded announcments utalising new BVE sound features
  • Improved TMS navigation
  • New features added to TMS
  • Working air conditioning within the cab
  • Improved carriage ambient noise also using BVE’s new sound features
  • Authentic door interlocking as found on the real train
  • Updated cab lighting including reflections

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Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.
Ensure you have the latest version of OpenBVE installed before downloading this.

Before driving the train please read the driving guide. This train has been designed to be driven like the real thing, so it is important to familiarise yourselves with how to drive in each mode.