The current release (version 0.1a) of our Central line for BVE is now available for download. Future releases will also be uploaded here.
This demo version of the Central Line for BVE features:
  • Version 1 of the 1992 stock
  • A recreation of the ATP signalling system which is in use on the real Central Line
  • Three ‘driving modes’ within the train including: Restricted Manual, Coded Manual and ATO
  • A beta version of our in-cab CCTV

Set in the evocative period of 2002 the route currently covers the line from Ealing Broadway to Liverpool St through the heart of Central London. Experience the atmosphere of one of our favourite periods in London Underground history shortly after the completion of the 1990s modernisation program. Take the controls of the 1992 stock, the workhorse of the Central line since it’s introduction in the early ’90s.
This current version is a demo. A comprehensive upgrade of the line is currently in progress. Keep an eye on this website for further information!

Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.

More Images

Please note: the screenshots shown are of the current work in progress and not indicative of the released version. These are designed to show you our progress and what will be coming in the next release.

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Please follow the instructions carefully when installing this.
Ensure you have the latest version of OpenBVE installed before downloading this.

Before driving the train please read the driving guide. This train has been designed to be driven like the real thing, so it is important to familiarise yourselves with how to drive in each mode.