313 Acton Wells

Release of the Class 313

The wait is over!

For those of you following us on Twitter you may have seen the progress of our Class 313 upgrade. The good news is that we now have an upcoming release of this updated train. 

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So, what's the full list of upgrades?

  • A fully refurbished Class 313 both inside and out with updated modelling across the entire unit from the pantograph to the seats
  • Brand new hi res textures with tiny detailing including dirt, rust and riveting
  • New easier to use controls to change power supplies
  • 8 Liveries – 7 are new and all are authentic to the Class, two of which it still carries today
  • Working cab doors for extra realism
  • Small bug fixes to route and train
What hasn’t changed is: 
  • The length of the route – it still terminates at Statford 
  • The handling and behaviour of the train – it was built to be as authentic as possible  originally from the braking profile to the acceleration so no updates are needed
  • The cab set up and details – it’s all about the external 3D modelling this time not the cab view
  • Cross compatibility – this train can currently only be used on the North London Line and the route can only accept this train. We are looking into cross compatibility in the future as it’s not a simple fix
Enough words, here’s some pictures!

When will you do more underground upgrades?

Those of you following us on Twitter already know that there’s an upcoming upgrade for the Central Line. In the meantime we’ll put articles up on here, and keep you updated on Twitter. 

If you’re finding it hard to make the change from Underground to Mainline driving then BVE Central has posted a video explaining the difference. 

Check our Twitter to find out about progress on the Central Line or you can view the Project Status page to see how far along we are.

You can download the route here.

Download the North London Line

Get the upgraded train and the route now!

Download Now
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