313 Lineside shot

North London Line Release

Today the North London Line release is here. The much awaited release of our 4th project and an addition to our existing 3 routes, the first mainline route we have ever done! Teaser video below…

While it is only a beta at this stage, there is plenty to enjoy:

  • The North London Line as it would’ve been in 2004 – 2006 at the height of the Silverlink Metro era
  • Features the full journey from Richmond – Stratford (Low Level)
  • An early prototype of our Class 313 EMU with authentic sounds and a highly detailed cab
  • Faithfully recreated dual voltage functionality that accurately replicates the real train

As this is only a beta, there will be sections of this route which are not as polished as we normally produce. However, this route is very much an on-going project and we will be adding more features in the future. Additionally some objects and textures will also be re-visited to bring them up to our usual standard.

Where can I download this from?

Head over to our routes pages to download your copy.

Please free to share your experiences on social media. You can now Tweet us @BVEWRegion. We’d love to see what you think of this latest offering. See one of our YouTube friends giving an exclusive preview of the route just before its release.

A few things to note

At this stage, the train will not work on other routes (E.G. Network West Midlands) but the next version of the train will include cross-compatibility. Other trains will not work on the route just yet. This is because features such as the AWS will not work. If this does not bother you, feel free to drive other trains over the route. Once again, this is also going to be fixed in the next release of this route.

As usual, watch the news section of the website or alternatively follow us on Twitter for the next version of this and any other routes. If you want more of BVE Western Region, you could always play our CentralJubilee or Waterloo & City Lines which are currently operating a good service.