Crashes on Our Routes and Other News

First, the bad news

Last weekend our inbox filled up with people experiencing crashes on the Jubilee Line. We were concerned by this and deployed our amazing new set of testers to find the issue. Over the next week they went above and beyond what we had asked of them. They discovered that it’s an issue with the latest release of BVE. 

They didn’t stop there though, since this was an issue with the version of BVE itself they decided to check for the same type of crashes on our other routes. Sure enough we were experiencing these crashes on all our routes. It would seem that the Central Line, North London Line and even the Waterloo & City Line were crashing at specific points. 

Unfortunately we’re not able to fix these issues ourselves. We’ve reported them to the development team of BVE. Hopefully they’ll be resolved by the time that the next release rolls around. 

So how do I drive your routes?

If you’re experiencing crashes on our routes there is a fix. Since it’s only the latest version that seems to be affected there is a simple answer. Download one of the older versions and continue as normal! We recommend version 

What about Mac?

We also have had a few questions from people using Macs. Sadly the latest version of MacOS (Catalina) has caused many issues for people. One of these is that you can no longer download BVE for Mac if you’ve upgraded. There’s a simple reason for this. Apple, in all their wisdom, has enforced that all apps used on Catalina must be 64 bit. BVE is 32 bit. Sadly until the developers at BVE are able to update the Mac version to 64 bit (or if Apple relax the rules in the next release …) it’s a no go. 

Is there any good news?

I’m glad you asked. Yes, there is! Both the Central Line and the North London Line have been coming along nicely. Lots of tireless hours have been put in to track down and fix the ATO issue on the Central Line. The Class 313 has been receiving an extensive upgrade. 

What are the updates on the North London Line?

The Class 313 has had a big overhaul, with the final touches being added. Here you can see the newly upgraded cab within the train model. Below is an interior view of the guard’s area and the tiny cab. That’s right, you’re packed in like a sardine! The small box next to the door is the full work area given to the driver. So next time you drive the North London Line remember that the cab is the size of a broom cupboard! We have further upgrades to do, so this is just the model as it is to date. 

As you can see the lights are on, because outside it’s brewing up a storm. In stark contrast to the lovely evening on the Central Line in North London it’s going to pour. 

Tell me more about the Central Line!

You may have already noticed on the image above but there have been some big changes to the Central Line. Like the whole new 1992 Stock. Also we’ve been looking at lighting on the side and now the Central Line sports a stunning sunset. The above image is taken straight out of BVE with no touch ups. 

You’re not here for the sky though, you’re here for the train. As you know it’s being fixed at the moment to deal with the ATO issues we’ve been having. If you’re following us on Twitter you’ll also know that the cab has had an overhaul. 

Without going into much detail we’ve also worked to upgrade the exterior too, adding in little details and refining the textures. 

When will they be released?

We’re still working on both routes. It’s hard to say when they’ll be released. It’s most likely that we’ll release the North London Line first as it’s closer to being finished. For more information on our policy about release dates read this article. To track our progress view our Project Status page.

For now keep an eye on Twitter and the news section of the website.

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