BVE Western Region Is Closing

Owing to our developers being unable to devote the time and effort required to continue making content, we have made the difficult decision to close this website.


To maintain the pace of releases of new content over the years has always been a challenge and something we enjoyed doing as a hobby. But as those who have worked with us over the years have had to concentrate on their lives outside of the group, we don't feel it's fair to keep saying projects are "in development" when in reality, progress has become increasingly slow - or even stopped altogether in some cases. The community want more, and that's not something we can realistically deliver like we once could. In addition, this website was at a point of needing to be replaced due to hosting issues, and the effort and expense of moving couldn't be justified - especially as our work is available, free of charge.


Please note that any content made by BVE Western Region is still our intellectual property and cannot be re-distributed without prior permission and still uses licenced images.


Finally, one very big thank you to those who have supported us over the years. We have enjoyed sharing our passions with the wider community and recreating our favourite routes and trains in an era we feel nostalgic about. We may well return to BVE one day when circumstances change. But for now, we feel this is the right thing to do.


** Mind the doors **


The BVE Western Region team