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Using Our Assets In Other Works

While this article might seem a little heavy in places, there is some good news as well. If you are considering making content which uses assets from our work this is definitely one to read. As you are all aware, BVE is completely free to use and is kept alive by the community. Part of this is trusting people to …

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A Small Word About Release Dates

This is quite a heavy post, but it’s something that needs to be said. Another more frequently asked question amongst the BVE community is about release dates. We felt it was time to address the elephant in the room. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer) and settle back. This is going to be a long one. …

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North London Line Release

Today the North London Line release is here. The much awaited release of our 4th project and an addition to our existing 3 routes, the first mainline route we have ever done! Teaser video below… While it is only a beta at this stage, there is plenty to enjoy: The North London Line as it would’ve been in 2004 …

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North London Line Screen shot 1

Announcing the North London Line: Our 4th project

Launching BVE Western Region’s first ever mainline route Have you been playing along with Guess the Route? Did you guess correctly? Whether you did or not, the wait is now over. I can finally reveal what the “4th project” is. We are proud to introduce our first ever mainline route: announcing the North London Line for BVE! What is included …

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4th Project Clues: Set Two

The second and final set of clues revealed for the 4th project Continuing on from our previous set of clues, have you been playing along? Don’t worry as the grand reveal of the route and train will be very soon.We can confirm that this route will be a fully playable beta with train. It will include all the usual realistic …

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4th Project Clues: Set One

The first set of clues revealed for the “4th Project” As we mentioned in our last post, as a futile attempt to stave off the boredom for a couple more hours. We will be giving you more clues as to our mystery “4th project” which will be released soon. The first couple were hidden in our last post. So why …

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Introducing The 4th Project

Are you bored of being stuck at home? In this current situation we all seem to have a lot more time on our hands. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it got us here at BVE Western Region thinking. The Jubilee Line was recently released and seems to be much loved by the community. Our next release was …

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