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Become A Social Media Ambassador For Us

Would you like to become a Social Media Ambassador for us, releasing content about new routes and upcoming releases before the public get their hands on it? Would you like to have access to hi-fidelity logos, screenshots and a full brand guideline to tell you what colours and fonts we use?

Announcing our Social Media Ambassador programme!

We currently have a few people that we work closely with on social media, not to mention our own channels, but the time has come to bring some new blood into the mix! We’re not looking for people with thousands of followers (although if you have them, we won’t be mad), all you need is passion and time. There’s no such thing as too small, or too big a following. 

We are looking to grow our brand and extend our reach through trusted Social Media Ambassadors. People who can showcase our work and reach new audiences for us. People like BVE Central and TrainSimTV.  This doesn’t mean that we own you, just that we’ll give you the tools to make your content even better, and the ability to preview stuff before it is released. Even before we get to a release we could be asking for your help to promote a new screenshot, a competition, a poll … the possibilities are endless!

As well as that you can grow your own social media following through exclusive content from BVE Western Region. We like to think of it as a win – win situation!

Please ensure you’ve read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this article before you submit your application.

What do I need to do to enter?

To become one of the lucky few simply fill out the form below and submit it before 26th June 2020

Please remember, we are looking for committed Social Media Ambassadors who will showcase our work but not be beholden to us. Ideally you’ll be posting new content to your channel on a regular basis, and even if you’ve not got a huge audience yet you have a plan on how to grow your user base.  You don’t just have to be on YouTube, we’re accepting everyone who has a social media channel, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch. 

As you will be associated with BVE Western Region we are going to be fairly strict with the criteria and will ask that if you are on YouTube you create an unlisted “audition” video driving a route of our choice. 

The successful candidates will be:

  • Happy to promote all our routes, mainline or underground
  • Passionate about BVE
  • Mature and confident
  • Driven and knowledgeable
  • Able to work to deadlines

We would ask that our Social Media Ambassadors show due discretion around release dates (if they are disclosed) and do not publicise any information that is told to them in confidence. Outside of a release date the Social Media Ambassador is encouraged to promote our work as much or as little as they see fit.  

If that sounds like you then feel free to apply below and we can’t wait to see your audition!

Not everyone who signs up will be successful so if you don’t hear back from us then assume that you were unfortunate this time. 

Terms and conditions for Social Media Ambassadors for BVE Western Region: 

  • Nothing sent to Social Media Ambassadors is to be shown, previewed or mentioned on social media or any other public outlet without prior written email consent from BVE Western Region. 
  • Abuse of the terms of the programme or violation of the terms and conditions will result in the cessation of the entire programme.
  • Anyone submitting multiple applications will be blacklisted.
  • Anyone who is successful can be picked for Social Media assignments based on the requirements of BVE Western Region and may not be asked to participate in every release or event.
  • BVE Western Region withholds the right to terminate the Social Media Ambassador programme at any time without prior notice. 
  • BVE Western Region may terminate the services of an individual based on poor performance, unacceptable conduct or lack of response. 
  • Anyone sending abusive or aggressive emails will result in that person being blacklisted from all future programmes. 
  • Suitability will be decided on the responses to the form. 
  • Limited places are available
  • Candidates will not be discriminated against based on social media platform or number of followers. 
  • BVE Western Region reserves the right to ask selected Social Media Ambassadors to get premiere or “first look” content. The ambassador reserves the right to refuse to post social media content.
  • Not every Social Media Ambassador will be given exclusive content.
  • Any Social Media Ambassador who releases, uploads, shares or otherwise offers for use content from BVE Western Region will be terminated from the programme and may be reported for copyright breach.
  • Testers are considered viable candidates for the Social Media Ambassador programme but will not gain any preferential treatment due to the testing status.
  • Social Media Ambassadors promote BVE Western Region content but do not speak for BVE Western Region. BVE Western Region does not speak for it’s Social Media Ambassadors.