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Become A Beta Tester For Us

Have you ever wanted to test our routes before they are released to the public? Are you methodical and can give constructive feedback? We may have mentioned our small team of testers, but are you interested in becoming a beta tester?

Announcing our beta tester programme!

Our testers are a very dedicated bunch. However, some of them are not able to give as much time as they used to. Also some of our trains feature more functionality. More can go wrong with these. Something as complex as the dual voltage capability of our Class 313 EMU is a prime example of this. The current version (the early beta) is sometimes has the odd glitch. While a fix is already being worked on, it was missed in the testing stage. This is in part because we wanted to release the route a lot earlier in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Moving forward, we at BVE Western Region would like to do things differently. Which is why we want to give you the opportunity to apply to join our pool of beta testers. Please ensure you’ve read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this article before you submit your application.

What do I need to do to enter?

To become one of the lucky few simply fill out the form above and submit it before 1st June 2020

Please remember, we are looking for committed testers who can offer at least 1 hour a week to test and who will respond to our emails if they are unable to commit this time when asked to test. We don’t mind if you have a holiday planned, but we’d like to know you won’t be participating in a round of testing. 

Not everyone who signs up will be successful so if you don’t hear back from us then assume that you were unfortunate this time. 

Terms and conditions of testing for BVE Western Region: 

  • Nothing sent to testers is to be shown, previewed or mentioned on social media or any other public outlet without prior written email consent from BVE Western Region. 
  • Abuse of the terms of the programme or violation of the terms and conditions will result in the cessation of the entire programme.
  • Anyone submitting multiple applications will be blacklisted.
  • Anyone who is successful can be picked for testing based on the requirements of BVE Western Region and may not be asked to participate in every round of testing.
  • BVE Western Region withholds the right to terminate the testing programme at any time without prior notice. 
  • BVE Western Region may terminate the services of an individual based on poor performance or lack of response. 
  • Anyone sending abusive or aggressive emails will result in that person being blacklisted from all future testing programmes. 
  • Ability to test will be decided on the responses to the form. 
  • Limited places are available.
  • Candidates will not be discriminated by length of time using BVE or social media usage. 
  • BVE Western Region reserves the right to ask selected testers to post social media content. The tester reserves the right to refuse to post social media content.