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BVE Western Region.

We create BVE routes set in retro time periods so that we can preserve a little bit of our history

Our Only Mainline Route

The North London Line.

Recently updated with a brand new high quality train!

The latest update to the ever popular

Jubilee Line.

The long awaited Phase 3 of our most popular underground route is now out!

The old favourite

Central Line.

Not as new and flashy as some of our more recent releases, but still well loved

Short, Sweet and with Returns

Waterloo & City Line.

Enjoy the reality of tube driving with the only route we have produced to allow for shifts

About Us.

Home of the Jubilee, Central, North London and Waterloo & City Lines. 

Here at BVE Western Region we’ve been writing routes for BVE since about 2008. For us it has always been a labour of love. Our process is meticulous and we like to think our results speak for themselves. We focus on creating quality routes and trains for BVE. This website will be the home of all our latest releases, projects and news.

Attention to Detail

Before we even start coding we spend days taking pictures, watching driver training videos, researching and riding the route so we give you as authentic experience as possible. From the gradients of the track to the noise the in cab phone makes we've tried to ensure everything looks, feels and sounds as good as it can.

Quality Not

At BVE Western Region we focus on each location one at a time, ensuring they look as good outside as in the cab. Our passion extends further so even the sounds you hear are as authentic as they can be. This doesn't mean that we don't want to share our work, and so when we reach a suitable point we like to release it for everyone to enjoy

Preserving the Recent Past

1998 – 2013 was a time of much change for our railways. All of our projects are set in an era where we had first ridden on them, preserving a time period that is of most interest to us and a period of great change for Britain's railways. This also gives us the unique opportunity to preserve them for the next generation

We want to preserve the recent past of our railway history, digitise it so everyone can enjoy it

How We Build Our Routes.

What it takes to create a new route and train for BVE


Finding the Right Stuff

We spend hours researching a route before we even think about going to photograph it. We collect memorabilia, Driver's Eye videos and anything else we can get our hands on


Making a Record

Next we go to the Capital and photograph as much of the line as we can. This can take days. We use these photos both for reference and for textures. As you can imagine this is not a very easy task.


Bringing it together

Once we have our research and our texture photographs it's time to start building the route and train in BVE. This can take months and is the most painstaking part of the process and involves the most tea.


Breaking What We Make

After spending months making some we hand it out to our collection of testers to see if it really works. They then tell us where any issues occur and we then try and fix them. This can take weeks.

Fresh off the press.

If you want to keep up to date with all our latest release news, project updates and other interesting reads head over to our News Page.

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North London Line.

Our latest release, and our only mainline route, the North London Line has long held a place in our hearts. Now sporting an updated Class 313 with a selection of liveries!

Take A Sneak Peek.

If you’re not already convinced to try one of our routes then have a little look at the screenshots. No post-processing, no touch ups. While BVE might not be as modern as some newer train sims (you know who you are!) it still has an authentic charm and enjoyable feel, even now.

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